Anonyme said,
"Who runs this bastion of UoN knowledge?"


Oh Anon, you flatter me with your use of the word ‘bastion’ so I’ll answer you. I’m Anne (*waves) and I’m Digital Communications Officer at UoN, which means I’m part of the team behind the social media side of things at The University of Nottingham. Here are 3 things you should know about me:

  1. I’m a bit obsessed with Tumblr
  2. I’ll take any opportunity to make a fandom reference on here because I’m a geek 
  3. I’ve met Benedict Cumberbatch (and remained mostly calm)

And just in case you want to see my friendly face, here’s a pic of me from my recent trip to a geeky convention in London. 

And that’s why I’m happy to come to UoN (When I’ll have my unconditional offer htrù*gh*fm^$ftmj)

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Times Tumblr Raised Serious Questions About “Harry Potter”

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Sometimes I judge people by how much of The Princess Bride they can quote. 

fun fact At my cousin’s wedding ceremony, his brother recited this to them as the best man speech and everyone started laughing and i think the bride started to cry

If this is not recited at some point during my wedding I will be greatly disappointed.

hackettkate played ‘spot the Princess Bride’ reference on set all weekend. Set designer tawnypixie was epically good at that game.

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Comparison of the fantastic Doctor Who Parody by The HIllywood Show® against the real thing.

thehillywoodshow did such a brilliant job!  If you haven’t already seen the parody video, please do yourself a favor and go check it out!

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#he looks so proud to have outsmarted hermione

#That one time Wizards used psychology instead of magic #And it was 200% effective

Out of context this is a really strange conversation

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Lana Del Rey | 'Once Upon A Dream'

Lana Del Rey cover’s the Disney classic ‘Once Upon A Dream’ for the official soundtrack to the upcoming film Maleficent. It’s dark, twisted, and hauntingly beautiful. 

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My favourite extracts from the original Maleficent script draft. The mother of all madiaval fanfiction :)

i feel like the scripts for the film must have undergone a lot of changes in the treatment of stefan and diaval, the two main male characters in the film, and their respective relationships with maleficent - the consequent being that a lot of their character stuff feels abrupt and unexplained. which is okay, in a sense, because this is very much maleficent’s movie and, compared to maleficent, even aurora isn’t so much a real life person as a catalyst (partially wrought by maleficent herself, through her curse which said that aurora would charm everyone who ever met her - which is one of the more problematic parts of the movie that hardly anybody seems to pick up on).

still, i can’t help but be enchanted by the prickly arrogance and underlying decency of diaval, and his interspecies friendship with both maleficent and aurora. he’s the kind of friend and sidekick that women so rarely get in fiction, or not when played by a man. (the female example that comes to mind is gabrielle in xena.) rarer still is a female character getting a male sidekick who is not written explicitly as a romantic partner. like, you can read it as you wish, but i find a lot of the charm about diaval is that he is a genuinely nice guy, and not a “nice guy” - who is a proud and rather vain sort of bird, but also has no qualms about serving two powerful and high-born women, devoting and risking his life for them. maleficent transform him into a “human” shape for the convenience of having a servant who was in her debt, and i suspect because she was lonely and needed somebody to talk to, and what she got was a wild animal who nevertheless displays all the principles of chivalry that she stopped believing man to be capable of, and there is something quite beautiful about that.

So beautifully said :)

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"The hottest boring accounting guy this summer.”

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u ever just get pissed off that all the marauders were in gryffindor?? or is that like? just me?

like a lot of times i wish i really wish sirius was in slytherin like the rest of his family and overcame the family name. but lets be…

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